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Follow up Questions and Answers to June 20th #WorldRefugeeDay Facebook campaign

Thank you everyone for your support on #WorldRefugeeDay! A couple more questions about my foundation are answered here:


Emily Lynch: Just heard about this today and some of the statistics shocked me! Maybe you could explain why #WorldRefugeeDay is so important, this year in particular?

Stefanie: This year is important because the numbers are growing more each year and with so much unrest going on around the world, especially in Syria, Iraq and Sudan, the world is seeing a shocking number of refugees…the UNHCR reports there are over 50 million people displaced! And can you believe that half that number is children? June 20th is #WorldRefugeeDay an internationally recognized day dedicated to drawing attention to the struggles and perseverance of refugees and asylum seekers across the globe. It’s important that we are all aware of the situation and unite together to put an end to the violence.


Carla Jayne Hitz: Is there a link to a site we can go to for more information?

Stefanie: Thank you for asking. You can visit our website to learn more about our mission, our work and refugees.


Alexander Busl: Do you visit the kids of your foundation regularly?

Stefanie: Yes, I travel several times a year to Germany and to visit the foundation in Hamburg. And when I’m not there I am in constant contact with the Children for Tomorrow team by phone and email.


Gee Maya: Why refugees? What made you choose it?

Stefanie: It is devastating to hear about the rapes, hunger, endless walking, overcrowded boats and the never-ending fear of more violence that these child refugees have had to endure…through no fault of their own. You can’t help but make the decision to get involved. Recently I was deeply touched by the story of a 14 year old girl from Chechenia. Her father had been kidnapped and she didn’t know if he was still alive. While on the run she had been raped and tortured. When she came to Children for Tomorrow she tried to commit suicide saying “I don’t want to live anymore because I don’t want to be sad anymore.” Through therapy she has a brighter outlook on the future and has even found friends in Germany and wants to graduate from high school.


Abhijeet Varhadi: how do we donate to your foundation? is there any link which u can share ?

Stefanie: Please visit our website for information to donate on-line. We even have an option that allows you to donate – at no additional cost – when shopping at over 400 stores online via BOOST.


Daniela Busl: Do the children tell you about what they experienced?

Stefanie: When the kids arrive they are often so traumatized that they can’t even look at you or verbalize what has happened to them. They have a hard time trusting anybody. It takes months of therapy for them to open up and start talking about what they have endured.

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